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Chelsea's First Bear

Well, the time has come. Our kids have been hunting with us since we carrying them on our backs in a Kelty pack. Chels and Paige are now accomplished shooters, both with a bow and with a firearm. After completing her hunter training certification last year, Chels experienced success as a waterfowl hunter and passed on a whitetail buck. This spring we had the opportunity to do a spot and stalk hunt with both kids. Paige accompanied me behind the camera and Heather accompanied Chels as they snuck up on bears. Her first chance was at an unbelievably huge black bear - probably one of the biggest bruins I've seen in my lifetime. The two of them snuck in to just 35 yards. As the bear was feeding in and out of a treeline, Chels had the discipline not to take a risky shot. Every time the bear would stop, he had a tree or shrub obstructing his chest. Anyhow, that bear eventually wandered off, but what an experience! An hour later, Heather and Chels stalked a 6' black bear and, as he fed toward them, Chelsea delivered a well-placed 95-grain Winchester XP3 into his chest with here .243 Win and he was down for the count. Needless to say, we're proud of our girl!


A Little Ice Time with the Nuttalls

Managed to slip out for a few hours of family ice fishing time with fellow outdoor writer Gord Nuttal and his family. A great time was had by all. Favourite part - all the races to the tip-up flags. Pike and walleye iced, but all let go. We had a few walleye tags left but everything we caught was either too big or too small.


West to Nootka Episode Now Airing on Canadian Outdoorsman TV

Check out our latest episode titled West to Nootka on Canadian Outdoorsman TV. Join Kevin and guest Andrew Hills as they fish for salman and halibut off of Vancouver Island's west coast. Click here to link 


Kev Tags a Bull

It's been a crazy fall. We truly enjoy hunting together but we've had to rotate a lot of days afield this year just to keep up with the kids' soccer schedules, school, work, and life in general. Thankfully, it came together for Kev yesterday. After 6 days in the field looking for a particular class of moose, it happened. As he tells it, a picturesque sunrise, -20 degree celcius temperatures, a 14 km/h wind, and most importantly a fresh snowfall, presented ideal conditions for a spot and stalk moose hunt. Locating two bull tracks at first light, Kev carefully worked the track. A half hour later, he caught a patch of black 90 yards across a low marshy area. One bull was visible, but he was young. Taking a couple steps forward, Kev noticed another bull. Glassing carefully, the second bull had several branches across his body but eventually turned his head to give Kev a good look. He wasn't the giant Kev had been hunting, but he was the second biggest and a bull that is really difficult to pass up. Carefully setting his shooting sticks, Kevin slowly positioned his HS Precision 300 WSM across the sticks, and locked the crosshairs of his Swarovski Z6i scope on the bulls chest. Taking extra care to find a clear patch of black through the trees, he turned up the scope to 15x and gently squeezed. With the shot, the bull lunged forward and all went quiet. He went just30 yards and toppled. What a great way to end a truly spectacular moose hunt!

Quality optics made all the difference in determining the trophy quality of this bull. 


Wilsons Double on Archery Whitetails

It's been a weird fall - warm weather and no snow until November 24th in the Edmonton area. The rut took place on schedule, but daytime movement was suppressed with temperatures often hovering well above zero during the first estrus. Then bucks took hot does into hiding, and in many of the properties we were hunting, deer activity settled down for a few days. As they emerged from the lockdown phase we were on stand to capitalize. On November 21, Kev saw lots of activity starting the minute he climbed into the stand - even before daybreak he saw deer moving. With does shifting constantly, just after 10:00 a.m. he had a shooter wander down a nearby trail and, as the buck watched the does, Kev drew his Hoyt Carbon Spyder ZT, waited until the deer stood broadside, and let go for a perfect 20 yard shot. Using an Easton Full Metal Jacket arrow tipped with a Rage 2-blade Slipcam Hypodermic mechanical broadhead, the wound channel was huge and his buck expired 45 yards from the stand. We had been targeting an impressive buck we call Tip Curl, but this one was too nice for Kev to pass up!


As quietly as possible, with the help of good friend and fellow bowhunter Brent Rignanesi, we extracted Kev's deer with the idea of possibly hunting the same stand the next day. The very next morning Heather climbed into that stand well before daylight and, similar action ensued. In the first hour she had a couple different bucks come by. She even saw Tip Curl at 42 yards. All he had to do was take three steps forward to present a shot. Unfortunately, as he had done several times in the past, he turned and walked out of Heather's life forever. At 11:00 a.m. another nice 5x5 emerged from the woods 50 yards away. Meandering through the sparse cover he eventually stood in the same place Kev's deer had stood the day before. By then she was at full draw and waiting for him to turn. Shifting, he presented a quartering away shot and she locked her 20 yard sight pin on target and let fly. Another great shot and her buck sprinted and disappeared piling up 70 yards down a main trail!


Coulees & Mulies

Collecting enough priority points, we both drew mule deer buck tags in WMU 151. Unfortunately we weren't able to bowhunt until late October. Unpleasantly surprised, the deer numbers are dismal ... they are in fact a small fraction of what they once were. For many years, this unit was the number one place to take  a whopper buck in Alberta ...  not so any more. Between the CWD cull, increased bowhunting pressure, and native overharvests, populations are extremely low. We were lucky to see 10 does and couple bucks each day. 


Returning for the rifle opener, we hiked deep into the coulees in search of the few decent bucks we had found during our bow hunt. Kevin tagged a fine buck opening morning and Heather hit the switch on another nice buck as the clock ran out on our hunt. 


Overall a fantastic time in one of the most unique and diverse biomes on the planet - Alberta's prairie grasslands and coulees.

Swarovsk optics and her custom HS Precision in 7mm Rem Mag put this fine buck down for the count. #swarovskioptik_hunting #hsprecision #winchesterammunition #sola #harrisbipod

Presenting a standing 150 yard shot, this one didn't require any second guessing. #hsprecision #swarovskioptik_hunting #harrisbipod #winchesterammunition #winchesteraccubondct #kuiu #hunting #muledeer

We deboned, packed, and hauled both deer out on our backs. #kuiu #earned #hunting #kuiubackpack #outdoorcanada #outdoorcanadamagazine

The coulees of southern Alberta's prairie grasslands have a beauty like no other place on earth.


One Busy Fall

Oh man, has it been a busy fall ... so busy in fact that we've been remiss in posting updates. Our whirwind has included a couple trips to the mountains for sheep, a brief three-day stint for elk, a few days in southern Alberta for archery mule deer, archery moose, waterfowl, and the odd sit in our whitetail stands. We've got some great scenery shots, but all that's been taken so far are waterfowl and one archery antlerless deer. Tomorrow rifle season begins and first on the list is Kev's moose tag. Hold on .. cuz November is gonna be one busy month!

Putting the Swarovski optics to work looking for sheep. Just below us was a band of ewes and lambs ... but no rams.


Heather giving her best rendition of a lovesick cow moose. Saw lots of bulls, but only one that really got our hearts pounding. Come rifle season, hopefully Kev will fill a tag. #kuiu #hoytarchery #hoytbowhunting #moosehunting #swarovskioptik_hunting

Full count of geese and a load of ducks for our party of five.

We haven't taken does for several years, but there appear to lots on this property. Garlic sausage here we come!


Nootka Marine Adventures Delivers Beyond Expectations!

It's taken a few days to post, but Kevin recently returned from an amazing west coast fishing experience with Nootka Marine Adventures! Our host and professional guide, James Fisher, not only put us on the fish, but also gave us amazing tour of all three of Nootka's lodges - Nootka Sound Resort, Mootcha Bay Resort, and Newton Cove Resort. The mark of any experienced guide is know what to do when. Our first day was tough, but it was no different for anyone else on the water. We landed one small Coho and lost a bigger Spring. Reevaluating, James opted for high odds and on day two we headed offshore about 14 miles to crystal clear emerald waters where the action was unbelievable. It was rare to go more than 10 minutes without a bite. Best Chinook of the day was a handsome Tyee topping the scales at 32 lbs! Joining Kevin on this trip was friend Andrew Hills. Look for this trip to air on an upcoming episode of Canadian Outdoorsman TV.


June Walleye Madness

We lost count after 75. What a great day on the water with Craig Temple! We weren't planning to film that day but did a fair bit of experimenting with underwater filming with the GoPro. The underwater footage and the fishing action was so hot and heavy we decided to pull out the big camera ran with it for COTV. May just slide this one into the roster.


Predator Calling Black Bears in Northern Alberta

Joined by good friend, Craig Temple, last weekend we decided to try some predator calling for bears. Found some good sign, set up, and 13 minutes later this young black bear came racing in to see if an easy meal was there for the taking. What a blast!

A Right of Passage

Had the privilege of taking our oldest daughter out shooting the other day. First shot only a half centimetre off the mark and she took to the .22 like a champ! Cold temps kept the gophers underground but every one she saw, she shot! ... her parting words as we left the field ... "Dad, can I shoot a bear this spring?" ... I think I shed a tear :)


Big Tom Down - Thanks to H.S. Strut, Benelli, and Winchester's Longbeard XR Ammo

To say opening day of the Alberta turkey season was fun would be a gross understatement. In all our years, we have never seen turkey hunting like this - what a blast! Our morning started out with calling in four jakes. Right from the first shock gobble, they came racing in to the decoys and wouldn't leave for almost an hour. Every time Kev would yelp with the diaphragm mouth call, they would gobble in unison. The video footage at just 12 yards is epic! In the afternoon, we worked a tom into 8 yards and he also stayed behind us strutting, spitting, and drumming for almost 30 minutes. Unfortunately he wouldn't move from behind us to where we could get good video ... after a while he lost interest and moved on. Then came the evening. We found a group of gobblers high up on a ridge ... they seemed to be everywhere! Every time we would yelp, they responded, but we couldn't get them to come in. Deciding to pressure them, we grabbed the decoys and made our way up the mountain to them. When we figured we were under 100 yards, we put up the HS Strut decoys and began to call. Literally 30 seconds after our first call, two big Toms came strutting in. At 18 yards, Heather had her pick of either one but the biggest wouldn't stand still long enough for a shot. As they moved back and forther behind a tree, purred and clucked enough to bring them back out in the open and the rest is history - Using a Benelli Super Vinci and Winchester's Longbeard XR in 3 1/2" #5 shot, she put her bird down for the count. He has an impressive 9" beard. 

With absolutely spectacular footage, you won't want to miss this one on an upcoming episode of Canadian Outdoorsman TV.



Closing the Season on Cold Lake for Canadian Outdoorsman TV

Spent the last couple days of the 2015 ice fishing season on Cold Lake in northern Alberta. While the bite was slow, we managed to ice 15 Lakers and lost  triple that. Unfortunately ice conditions weren't great so we were a bit limited in where we could travel. Regardless, we thoroughly enjoyed out time with Fred Noddin and Melanie Patchell, Amanda Droghini, and Leonie and Wayne Brown. Can't wait to do it again. A special thanks to the City of Cold Lake and the Best Western Hotel. Look for this adventure to air on Canadian Outdoorsman TV next winter.


Another Great Day of Varmint Hunting

Yesterday was another great day chasing predators! Heather spent the day with the girls, and I had the privilege of taking out a close friend by the name of Tim Gaida. Called in 9 coyotes and 1 fox. Some raced in on a dead run while others snuck in on red alert. I offered Tim the use of our TC .243 Win topped with the finest glass, Swarovski's Z5 2.5-25x52 P. With the Ballistic Turret, this combination is tough to beat ... needless to say, he fell in love with both the rifle and the scope.

One of the most fun days I've had varmint hunting in several years! Can't wait to do it again Tim :)

Tim with his first-ever coyotes. Two shots, two down - one called in to 40 yards, and one called in to 110 yards.



Thank You for the Feedback

Last Saturday we did a seminar at Accurate Archery's annual horn scoring and shooting event out at Alberta Beach.  Always nice to get feedback from people we meet at these events. Here's what one fellow by the name of Kevin Carlson (Outdoor Officials) had to say ...


" ... I sat down to a seminar ... by, Kevin and Heather Wilson. It too, was a truly exceptional and instructional seminar, on Communicating with Whitetails. They really went into depth about scrape lines, treestand placement, phases and stages of the rut, along with techniques to use when calling/rattling deer and the meat and potatoes of how deer communicate. I was humbled and being a novice bow hunter, really happy with what they had to share ... If you ever have an opportunity to speak with Kevin or Heather Wilson, or listen in to one of their seminars, I'm sure you won't be disappointed, as they have a vast wealth of experience to offer. "



Venture North Guest Mike Tharp Scores

VNO guest, MIke Tharp is all smiles after knocking down his first coyotes. With above average temperatures, the snow was melting quickly and the coyotes weren't coming out into the open that well. Switching strategies, we focused on deep spruce-covered valleys and set up near known den sites. That did the trick. Best set brought in 6 dogs over the course of a half hour. Mike put a bullet into three of them. Good shootin' Mike.




Montana Elk Camp with Swarovski Optik

We just returned home following an action-packed week of filming a couple episodes of Swarovski Optiks Quests with the Eyes of a Hawk television show. Hosted by Bruce Smetana of Crossheart Outfitters in Montana, the late season elk hunting was tough but we did manage to fill a few tags. Heather took her first bull elk at an impressive 628 yards using an HS Precision 7mm Rem Mag topped with a Swarovski Z6i 2.5-15x with a BRH reticle. Show Host, and Swarovski Optik North America (SONA) Communications Director Dean Capuano took a bull at 540 yards, and SONA staff member Rob Lancellotti took a nice mule deer scoring 176 B&C. Our group consisted of Dean, Rob, Heather, myself, Rachel Ahtila, and two cameramen David Abbott and Danny Kirsic.

That's a wrap! The traditional group jump to celebrate the end of the shoot. From left to right - David Abbott, Kevin Wilson, Dean Capuano, Rachel Ahtila, Rob Lancellotti, Heather Wilson, Kevin Settle (Guide), and Bruce Smetana (Outfitter).

Heather and her guide Kevin

Heather's first-ever bull elk.

Renowned videographer David Abbott at work filming for Swarovski's Quests with the Eyes of a Hawk TV show.

Bruce and Kevin celebrating with Dean.

Hours and hours glassing for elk

Rob with his 176 mule deer - he was the only one in our group to draw a tag.

Heather and Rachel chillin' in the wall tent.


Let the Whitetail Rut Begin!

With the whitetail rut now underway, we've had a great start to our favourite time of the year! In early November Kevin rattled in a giant 180-class buck to 26 yards; unfortunately self-filming and with a bad camera angle, he opted to pass it up in hopes of capturing an archery kill on video - definitely a heartbreaking decision. Then, Heather called in a mid-150-class buck to 40 yards, and again, no shot. Having just finished a week of hosting whitetail hunters with our Venture North Outfitting business, here's a glimpse of a dandy 17-point 160-inch buck that our good friend and long-time client Max Berger took with us on November 10.


Kevin Tags a Nice Goat

With 10 years of priority points, Kevin finally drew an Alberta pronghorn antelope rifle tag. We spent some time prior to the hunt scouting and looking for trophy-class bucks. We did manage to find one really impressive goat that would have measured well over 16 inches, but he vanished as soon as opening day arrived. After several stalks and checking out well over 200 antelope, we came across this guy. Two hours of belly-crawling through the prairie grass and finally ending up on an irrigation pivot, this fine buck gave Kev a 314 yard broadside shot about a half hour before dark! Thanks to our Swarovski EL Range we were able to accurately determine the distance allowing ideal shot placement with the 7mm Rem Mag.


Kev with his 2014 pronghorn antelope.

We were graced with breathtaking scenery as we looked across the prairie toward the Sweetgrass Hills.

With the vast open expanses, we spent a lot of time behind the glass. Our Swarovski spotting scope and 12x50 EL binocular were invaluable. Crystal clarity made glassing easy and enjoyable. Can't imagine hunting without Swaros!


Moose Monkey FINALLY Off Heather's Back!

For several years now we have been working at getting Heather a bull with a bow. Problem is, we usually have waterfowl clients in when the moose are rutting. We sometimes catch the tail end but the hunting is tougher at that time.

We can't count the number of bulls she has had within archery range, but something always seems to block the shot opportunity. After hearing of Heather's woes, good friend Craig "Moose Whisperer" Temple said its time to put a stop to the madness and offered to take Heather to one of his favourite places in the world. As usual Kevin was tied up with guests, so Heather and Craig hit the woods without him. Suffice it to say, they made it look easy. With little over an hour on stand, they cow called this bull in to 30 yards and, with one well-placed arrow, Heather brushed that moose monkey right off her back! 

Heather and Craig with her 2014 archery bull.

That look you get when the monkey is officially off your back!

Nothing like BLAZER blood!





Ewes But No Rams

Another sheep trip down. Kev spent a few days in the backcountry with good friend Darryl Legge. Saw ewes and lambs but no rams this round ... and so goes sheep hunting.




Warm Weather Waterfowl

Forgot to post this pic. Enjoyed a great early double limit (duck/goose) shoot a couple weeks ago with friends Steve and Larrie MacGregor and Ken Elder. The waterfowl hunting is off-the-charts this fall!



Snow But No Rams

No better way to start the season than climbing into the high country! Lots of snow, but no rams. We saw a 700 lb. grizzly and more fresh bear tracks than you can imagine, but the sheep evaded us. Planning to head out some time over next couple weeks again.




Long-awaited Smallies

Back from a great week visiting family in Ontario. Slipped out for a day of fishing smallmouth bass with Craig Rutledge of Elliot Lake. 



Didn't have a scale on hand, but this one and others topped the 3 lb. mark and put up a great fight. I love bass fishing!




Nothing but BIG Walleye!

'Tis the season; walleye season that is. Gotta love June. The walleye are feeding voraciously and you catch more fish than you can handle! Spent the evening jigging for 'eyes on Battle Lake with Pierre Tessier - caught and released well over 50 walleye and a bunch of pike as well - what a blast.





More Accolades for Outdoor Writing

We just learned Kev placed 1st and 3rd in this year's Outdoor Writers of Canada (OWC) National Communication Awards - both acknowledgements were in the Brock McRitchie Memorial Award category - for articles/columns highlighting kids enjoying the outdoors.

  • 1st place finish for a feature published in The Outdoor Edge Magazine titled, Hunting: A Family Affair
  • 3rd place finish for one of his Archery Talk columns published in Western Sportsman Magazine titled, Kids and Bow Hunting.



Bowfishing Carp on Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan

What a blast! A huge thank you to Heather for letting me slip away with friend and fellow outdoor writer Gord Nuttal to bowfish for common carp on Last Mountain Lake in Saskatchewan. Kids had soccer commitments and she was very gracious in offering to take care of them so I could go. Photos don't do it justice ... this is one of those bucket list activities you've just gotta try. Common carp are an invasive species on Last Mountain Lake so there is no harvest limit.


A special thank you to Tourism Saskatachewan for facilitating this trip and to Sundale Resort (www.sundale.ca) for hosting us. If you're thinking of going yourself, be sure to check out their fine accommodations.


Kevin took this, and many other carp, using his Hoyt Buffalo recurve bow (www.hoyt.com) and AMS bowfishing (www.amsbowfishing.com) retriever and arrow.





Spectacular Sundale (www.sundale.ca)


No Limits TV Coming July 2014

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally taken the plunge ... so to speak. We've been approached by several shows over the years, but have accepted a position with No Limits TV. Producer, Chris David, asked us last year if we would  join him as hosts of the new show, and ... after much thought, we agreed. Other No Limits team members include Danny Smith, Jeff Squires, and Eric Wakeford.

No Limits TV is scheduled to launch in July and we're told Heather's sheep hunt will be among the first episodes to air this summer. We'll do our best to bring viewers a down-to-earth, realistic, and hopefully different approach to hunting television ... and we might even take you fishing from time to time. We hope you have as much fun watching it, as we do bringing it to you.



A Fine Tom for our Efforts

Managed to tag a fine Merriam's turkey yesterday evening. We arrived late on opening day with sunny and warm weather (23 degrees), hiked a couple kilometres and saw some amazing country but didn't see or hear any turkeys. The next morning the temperature plummeted and, while we did find some decent sign and roost trees, the birds eluded us. By mid-day we moved to a different property and found vocal birds. We did several set-ups and managed to get the toms strutting and showing off with plenty of gobbles, but none would approach closer than 60 metres. Late in the afternoon we moved to yet another area and found a flock of 10 birds with a couple mature birds and several jakes in the bunch. Doing a quick sneak to circle around them, we set up behind a shallow ridge 90 metres from where we had seen them. With the HS decoys placed 25 metres away, we began yelping. After a few minutes, one of the toms gobbled and it was game on. Fifteen minutes into our set, the gobbles got louder and finally a bright red head emerged at the top of the ridge. As soon as he saw the decoys he strutted right in. Firing off as he approached, Heather captured it all on film. As the big bird, stuck his neck out for a better look, it was game over - big bird down! This hunt will air on No Limits TV some time in 2014.





Evening hike the first day provided some outstanding scenery but no turkeys. The weather was warm, but the forecast didn't look good.






Welcome to spring in Alberta! Fortunately we were able to get our bird on day two, because we woke up to 30 centimetres of snow on day three. Need to say a special thank you to our new friends Nolan and Leona, for their hospitality and allowing us to stay in their cabin.





Patterning our Benelli for an upcoming Merriam's Turkey Hunt


Check out this video. With a new HS Undertaker choke for our Benelli Super Vinci, we spent a morning patterning Winchester's new Longbeard XR in #5 shot at 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards. Southern Alberta here we come! Now we just need the turkeys to cooperate.

Installed a World's Best String on the Hoyt at Accurate Archery


We're big fans of custom strings. Not all bow strings are created equal. A high quality custom string is durable and fast. Kev just put a new World's Best on his Hoyt Carbon Element G3. Next step ... probably give it a Flo Green Color Kit upgrade to match. If you are in the market for a new custom string, give Allan Andreas a call at World's Best - 306-628-3992 (www.worldsbeststrings.com) or go see Lawrence at Accurate Archery - 780.924.3250   (www.accuratearchery.ca) ... we are told they will soon be carrying World's Best strings as well.



Checking the timing with a mechanical press.



Lawrence is the best bow technician we know.

Installing a peep - the finishing touch.



2014 Yorkton Outdoor Show & Expo a Huge Success Again!

Got home late last night from the 2014 Parkland Outdoor Show and Expo in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Each year we are asked to do seminars at a variety of venues and events, but Yorkton is a different kind of show. We are truly amazed with not only the attendance, but also the cause. The Parkland Show is designed to raise funds to develop an archery program and facility for the community. Complete with a fundraising banquet that also generates substantial support for a family in the community, if you have never attended this show, it is one you don't want to miss next year! We had the honor of presenting and appearing alongside respected outdoor industry members including Fed Eichler, Les Johnson, Paul Beasley, Gordy Klassen, Dave Bennett, Jason Peterson, Cody & Kelsy Robbins, Brad Fry, and Dean Partridge.







K & H Attend 2014 SCI Convention in Las Vegas

Safari Club International (SCI) serves to protect hunters' rights and promote wildlife conservation. The organization's annual convention provides a hub for SCI members to come together, learn, celebrate, network, and book hunts around the world. We thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with old friends, meeting with some of our partner companies, and exploring the long list of opportunities abroad. Africa, Europe, and New Zealand are at the top of our list. Excited to see what the coming year has in store.







Kev Gets a Double

Went out yesterday filming for No Limits TV. Great conditions. On one early set-up, had four coyotes come in to the call and only two left :). When we use the FoxPro Prairie Blaster and the Flambeau Lone Howler, they don't have a chance!



Coyote Conditions Looking Good

We just returned home from the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. As always, another eye-opening adventure. Saw enough firearms and hunting gear to last us the rest of the year. With the crazy warm temperatures Alberta's been getting in our absence, the signs all point to great conditions for coyote hunting ... so that's what we did today! During our first set-up we called in and killed two ( a big male and a female); both barreled in without hesitation and nearly jumped on the decoy! On route to our second set-up, we found two fresh deer kills ... not a good sign, but it appears the predators are thriving with the rough conditions this winter. We definitely need to get out there kill more. Early afternoon, we found four more coyotes and took one at 300 yards. Had to cut the day short to pick up kids from school, but brought home three dogs. With our minds on capturing video, we forgot to take still pics (apologies) - so nothing to post right now. Can't wait to get out again!

Let the Whitetail Games Begin

Both of us have come close to letting the air out of whitetail bucks this fall, but we're still at it. We have each had our dose of Murphy's Law with encounters. Heather's release caught on her mitt as she drew on a 140, and Kevin had a mid 160 class buck at 10 yards only to have camera light fade. He had to let that one walk. Now its time to hang up the bows and bring out the rifles. 

Last week we had clients in from New Jersey. Jim Hickey worked hard for this handsome buck. Congrats Jim!



October Ducks

Seems like a lot of our hunting is 'last minute' this year. As waterfowl outfitters/guides, we get to spend less time in the blinds ourselves. Anyhow, after we sent our clients home, Kev snuck out for a solo shoot and smacked a limit of mallards. Waterfowl hunting is a social activity, but this duck shoot wasn't going to last forever so he took advantage of it. Downside of gunning alone is, if you miss, you can't blame it on the other shooters - LOL :)



Prairie Grassland Adventure

We had a great time bowhunting mule deer the last few days. Came close, but just couldn't get it done. Closest was 27 yards from a 180 B&C buck. Heather was filming and I was at full draw but he didn't hold long enough for a shot. Such is the archery game with prairie mule deer. Truth is, we really enjoy hunting down south; it is an environment unlike any other!



Lots of upland birds to fill the mid-day lull.

Heather even had an encounter with a small rattle snake. We were going to sit down on a high hill overlooking a coulee and just as she went to sit down, this guy began to rattle. Good thing she paid attention!



Bull Down

The monkey is officially off of Kev's back! We've been busy with different hunts, so it took a while to post this. Kev managed to take this great elk last week. When a friend shared that there were two bulls hanging around his home quarter, we went to check it out. As it turned out, the bigger of the two was bedded in tall grass just outside a tree line. Thanks to a stiff wind, Kev was able to sneak within 30 yards when the bull spooked and ran another 20. He stopped and turned broadside just long enough for a 50 yard shot. Thanks to Hoyt and Easton, elk steaks are on the menu this winter!



Heather takes a fine Alberta Bighorn

After three years and 150 kilometres of backpacking, we finally found a decent ram for Heather. We arrived home late last night ... tired and sore, but grinning from ear to ear. What an awesome hunt. We first saw this ram at just under 300 metres as he crested a saddle. Battling 80 km/h winds, the shot just wasn't right. Watching intently, we let him move over a ridge about 600 metres further up into the basin. Quickly moving in, we caught up with him and Heather made a perfect 170 metre shot toppling him on the spot. After a steep 200 metre tumble, he came to rest. This hunt will definitely make it into the magazines and on TV at some point ... can't wait to share it with you all!




There is nothing like hunting with your best friend :)



And the  long hike begins!



Back form the Rocks

Heather and I just returned from an early season archery sheep hunt with our good friend Andres. Just before the season opener, we had located 32 rams, many of which were 3/4 curl and a couple full curl. Unfortunately when we returned, all we could find were 40 ewes and lambs. It was a gruelling hike and climb in and out, but what an incredible place. Only God has the ability to create such splendor! Even saw a black wolf stalk, chase and kill a marmot! Can't wait to go back.




ewes, lambs and young rams lingering around a classic high alpine mineral lick.



Summer Rams Lounging in a High Alpine Meadow

Nothing beats a summer hike high up into the alpine. Unfortunately all we had was a small point and shoot pocket camera, but we did manage to ease in on a group of mature bighorn rams.


This majestic old ram was clearly the boss.





Kevin Receives 5 National Communications Awards

We were unable to attend this year's Outdoor Writers of Canada (OWC) annual conference. Prior to the conference Kevin was informed that he would be getting something at the awards ceremony. Following the conference, and much to his surprise, he just learned that he received the following five awards:

1st Place - Shimano Magazine Feature article in the Fishing category

1st Place - Brock McRitchie Writing Award

2nd Place - Canadian National Sportsmen's Shows Newspaper/Internet Feature article category

2nd Place - Shimano Magazine Feature article in the Hunting category

2nd Place - Delta Waterfowl Future of Hunting Award



Enjoying Alberta's "Salmon" Fishery - Cold Lake

Had a great couple days fishing with Steve MacGregor and Kyle Duncan McNeal. Pitched a tent on a remote beach and caught fish until our arms were tired!

Weather was great ... a bit of rain but no big deal.

Kyle with one of his first Lake trout.

Steve with a fine Laker.

We lost count but figure we caught and released over 40 Lake trout in two days.

Phenomenal scenery.



SAAM Precision and Safari Shooting Schools a Must for Hunters!

We returned home last night from the FTW Ranch in south Texas (www.ftwoutfitters.com) where we participated in an intense shooting course with an assortment of long guns, calibers, and Swarovski Optics (www.swarovskioptik.com). The first half of the course we worked on long range marksmanship. The second half we developed shooting skills with big bore rifles, double guns, real-life dangerous game hunting scenarios, and a lot more. We highly recommend that any and every hunter take the SAAM Precision, SAAM Safari, or both courses! While we were there, we were able to shoot 18" steel targets at 1,000 yards (with wind), and shoot charging dangerous game targets at close range ... this course is definitely an experience we will never forget. The skills we learned will no doubt make us better hunters and shooters!



Heather reacting to a charging elephant target.



Outstanding instructors offered theory during classroom time.


Kevin taking aim at plains game targets out to 250 yards.


Heather learning proper form with a Heym 450/400 big bore rifle topped with a Swarovski scope on shooting sticks.


Hornady brass and live round in 450/400



Sighting in and shooting off bipods out to 500 yards.



Dinner in the lodge.






Parkland Outdoor Show and Expo a Huge Success!

At the end of the first day, we enjoyed an amazing fundraising banquet in Yorkton. More unbelievable Ukranian food that we could ever eat, great hospitality, and an outstanding program saw tons of money raised for the NASP project and they were able to raise funds to help a local family as well! With 500 people in attendance, this was an unbelievable experience. Serious kudos go out to Darren Wandy and his entire committee of volunteer organizers!

On day two of the show, Heather and I did another seminar on "Communicating with Whitetails". The turnout was great. Thanks Yorkton for the warm reception and fantastic hospitality.



Great Feedback on our "Introducing Kids to Hunting & Fishing" Seminar in Yorkton

Heather and I presented today at the Parkland Outdoor Expo in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Tomorrow we'll be talking about "Communicating with Whitetails." A special thank you goes out to Cabela's for providing some great give-aways. Several lucky kids went home with camo clothing and fishing gear.




Guided Coyote Hunter Ends Trip with Outstanding Day of Hardwater Fishing!

Kevin just wrapped up a great three days of coyote hunting, guiding hunter Toon Nijzink from Vancouver ... a recent immigrant from Holland. Aside from an outstanding hunt, we squeezed in a day of ice fishing. We caught whitefish, perch, and lots of big pike. Congratulations again to Toon ... a new friendship has been born.

Toon with a nice 18 lb. northern pike.


Two coyotes in 10 minutes ... way to go Toon!



Fresh Air, Perch & Family Time

A Family Day tradition for our clan is hitting the hardwater for some fresh air, perch, and bonding time. We had heard the perch were biting well at a local lake. Well, given the conditions, the bite was slow overall. After moving around a bit, we did manage to pick up just under 40 perch. Most were smaller, but between 3 rods we kept a dozen big enough to eat. Most anglers were reporting very little action on the lake today ... so we did ok. We were joined by our good friends, the Rowlands ... kids vacated the tent to play in the snow most of the day ... so, no pics of the kids this round.


Looking forward to March walleyes!

Heather pulls out the biggest perch of the day. Were hoping for some big humpbacks but they didn't show up.

Our Eskimo Quickfish 6 provides great shelter when the wind is up.



A typical sight on many of central Alberta's accessible lakes. Find the structure, and you will find the fish.



SHOT Show 2013

January 14 - 17, Heather and I attended the 2013 Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Tradeshow in Las Vegas. Always nice to reconnect with good friends from around the world. This year the show saw over 62,000 attendees including industry professionals and outdoors media.


We met Troy and Jacob Landry of the hit TV show Swamp People. They're down to earth folks who love spending time in the outdoors!

Check out the new 'Triple Threat' - 3 barreled shotgun made by Chiappa Arms. Wouldn't want to be on the business end of this bad boy!

The Swarovski Optic booth

During the Media Day event, we were looking to shoot a 50 cal. Ended up settling for a 420. Both of us were able to shoot the 1,000 yard gong with unbelievable accuracy ... even with a stiff wind.

Handguns with scopes like this 44 mag are always a blast to shoot.






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