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A Fine Tom for our Efforts

Managed to tag a fine Merriam's turkey yesterday evening. We arrived late on opening day with sunny and warm weather (23 degrees), hiked a couple kilometres and saw some amazing country but didn't see or hear any turkeys. The next morning the temperature plummeted and, while we did find some decent sign and roost trees, the birds eluded us. By mid-day we moved to a different property and found vocal birds. We did several set-ups and managed to get the toms strutting and showing off with plenty of gobbles, but none would approach closer than 60 metres. Late in the afternoon we moved to yet another area and found a flock of 10 birds with a couple mature birds and several jakes in the bunch. Doing a quick sneak to circle around them, we set up behind a shallow ridge 90 metres from where we had seen them. With the HS decoys placed 25 metres away, we began yelping. After a few minutes, one of the toms gobbled and it was game on. Fifteen minutes into our set, the gobbles got louder and finally a bright red head emerged at the top of the ridge. As soon as he saw the decoys he strutted right in. Firing off as he approached, Heather captured it all on film. As the big bird, stuck his neck out for a better look, it was game over - big bird down! This hunt will air on No Limits TV some time in 2014.





Evening hike the first day provided some outstanding scenery but no turkeys. The weather was warm, but the forecast didn't look good.






Welcome to spring in Alberta! Fortunately we were able to get our bird on day two, because we woke up to 30 centimetres of snow on day three. Need to say a special thank you to our new friends Nolan and Leona, for their hospitality and allowing us to stay in their cabin.





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