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Wilsons Double on Archery Whitetails

It's been a weird fall - warm weather and no snow until November 24th in the Edmonton area. The rut took place on schedule, but daytime movement was suppressed with temperatures often hovering well above zero during the first estrus. Then bucks took hot does into hiding, and in many of the properties we were hunting, deer activity settled down for a few days. As they emerged from the lockdown phase we were on stand to capitalize. On November 21, Kev saw lots of activity starting the minute he climbed into the stand - even before daybreak he saw deer moving. With does shifting constantly, just after 10:00 a.m. he had a shooter wander down a nearby trail and, as the buck watched the does, Kev drew his Hoyt Carbon Spyder ZT, waited until the deer stood broadside, and let go for a perfect 20 yard shot. Using an Easton Full Metal Jacket arrow tipped with a Rage 2-blade Slipcam Hypodermic mechanical broadhead, the wound channel was huge and his buck expired 45 yards from the stand. We had been targeting an impressive buck we call Tip Curl, but this one was too nice for Kev to pass up!


As quietly as possible, with the help of good friend and fellow bowhunter Brent Rignanesi, we extracted Kev's deer with the idea of possibly hunting the same stand the next day. The very next morning Heather climbed into that stand well before daylight and, similar action ensued. In the first hour she had a couple different bucks come by. She even saw Tip Curl at 42 yards. All he had to do was take three steps forward to present a shot. Unfortunately, as he had done several times in the past, he turned and walked out of Heather's life forever. At 11:00 a.m. another nice 5x5 emerged from the woods 50 yards away. Meandering through the sparse cover he eventually stood in the same place Kev's deer had stood the day before. By then she was at full draw and waiting for him to turn. Shifting, he presented a quartering away shot and she locked her 20 yard sight pin on target and let fly. Another great shot and her buck sprinted and disappeared piling up 70 yards down a main trail!


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