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Kev Tags a Bull

It's been a crazy fall. We truly enjoy hunting together but we've had to rotate a lot of days afield this year just to keep up with the kids' soccer schedules, school, work, and life in general. Thankfully, it came together for Kev yesterday. After 6 days in the field looking for a particular class of moose, it happened. As he tells it, a picturesque sunrise, -20 degree celcius temperatures, a 14 km/h wind, and most importantly a fresh snowfall, presented ideal conditions for a spot and stalk moose hunt. Locating two bull tracks at first light, Kev carefully worked the track. A half hour later, he caught a patch of black 90 yards across a low marshy area. One bull was visible, but he was young. Taking a couple steps forward, Kev noticed another bull. Glassing carefully, the second bull had several branches across his body but eventually turned his head to give Kev a good look. He wasn't the giant Kev had been hunting, but he was the second biggest and a bull that is really difficult to pass up. Carefully setting his shooting sticks, Kevin slowly positioned his HS Precision 300 WSM across the sticks, and locked the crosshairs of his Swarovski Z6i scope on the bulls chest. Taking extra care to find a clear patch of black through the trees, he turned up the scope to 15x and gently squeezed. With the shot, the bull lunged forward and all went quiet. He went just30 yards and toppled. What a great way to end a truly spectacular moose hunt!

Quality optics made all the difference in determining the trophy quality of this bull. 


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