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Big Tom Down - Thanks to H.S. Strut, Benelli, and Winchester's Longbeard XR Ammo

To say opening day of the Alberta turkey season was fun would be a gross understatement. In all our years, we have never seen turkey hunting like this - what a blast! Our morning started out with calling in four jakes. Right from the first shock gobble, they came racing in to the decoys and wouldn't leave for almost an hour. Every time Kev would yelp with the diaphragm mouth call, they would gobble in unison. The video footage at just 12 yards is epic! In the afternoon, we worked a tom into 8 yards and he also stayed behind us strutting, spitting, and drumming for almost 30 minutes. Unfortunately he wouldn't move from behind us to where we could get good video ... after a while he lost interest and moved on. Then came the evening. We found a group of gobblers high up on a ridge ... they seemed to be everywhere! Every time we would yelp, they responded, but we couldn't get them to come in. Deciding to pressure them, we grabbed the decoys and made our way up the mountain to them. When we figured we were under 100 yards, we put up the HS Strut decoys and began to call. Literally 30 seconds after our first call, two big Toms came strutting in. At 18 yards, Heather had her pick of either one but the biggest wouldn't stand still long enough for a shot. As they moved back and forther behind a tree, purred and clucked enough to bring them back out in the open and the rest is history - Using a Benelli Super Vinci and Winchester's Longbeard XR in 3 1/2" #5 shot, she put her bird down for the count. He has an impressive 9" beard. 

With absolutely spectacular footage, you won't want to miss this one on an upcoming episode of Canadian Outdoorsman TV.



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