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Chelsea's First Bear

Well, the time has come. Our kids have been hunting with us since we carrying them on our backs in a Kelty pack. Chels and Paige are now accomplished shooters, both with a bow and with a firearm. After completing her hunter training certification last year, Chels experienced success as a waterfowl hunter and passed on a whitetail buck. This spring we had the opportunity to do a spot and stalk hunt with both kids. Paige accompanied me behind the camera and Heather accompanied Chels as they snuck up on bears. Her first chance was at an unbelievably huge black bear - probably one of the biggest bruins I've seen in my lifetime. The two of them snuck in to just 35 yards. As the bear was feeding in and out of a treeline, Chels had the discipline not to take a risky shot. Every time the bear would stop, he had a tree or shrub obstructing his chest. Anyhow, that bear eventually wandered off, but what an experience! An hour later, Heather and Chels stalked a 6' black bear and, as he fed toward them, Chelsea delivered a well-placed 95-grain Winchester XP3 into his chest with here .243 Win and he was down for the count. Needless to say, we're proud of our girl!


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