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Coulees & Mulies

Collecting enough priority points, we both drew mule deer buck tags in WMU 151. Unfortunately we weren't able to bowhunt until late October. Unpleasantly surprised, the deer numbers are dismal ... they are in fact a small fraction of what they once were. For many years, this unit was the number one place to take  a whopper buck in Alberta ...  not so any more. Between the CWD cull, increased bowhunting pressure, and native overharvests, populations are extremely low. We were lucky to see 10 does and couple bucks each day. 


Returning for the rifle opener, we hiked deep into the coulees in search of the few decent bucks we had found during our bow hunt. Kevin tagged a fine buck opening morning and Heather hit the switch on another nice buck as the clock ran out on our hunt. 


Overall a fantastic time in one of the most unique and diverse biomes on the planet - Alberta's prairie grasslands and coulees.

Swarovsk optics and her custom HS Precision in 7mm Rem Mag put this fine buck down for the count. #swarovskioptik_hunting #hsprecision #winchesterammunition #sola #harrisbipod

Presenting a standing 150 yard shot, this one didn't require any second guessing. #hsprecision #swarovskioptik_hunting #harrisbipod #winchesterammunition #winchesteraccubondct #kuiu #hunting #muledeer

We deboned, packed, and hauled both deer out on our backs. #kuiu #earned #hunting #kuiubackpack #outdoorcanada #outdoorcanadamagazine

The coulees of southern Alberta's prairie grasslands have a beauty like no other place on earth.


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