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Coyote Conditions Looking Good

We just returned home from the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. As always, another eye-opening adventure. Saw enough firearms and hunting gear to last us the rest of the year. With the crazy warm temperatures Alberta's been getting in our absence, the signs all point to great conditions for coyote hunting ... so that's what we did today! During our first set-up we called in and killed two ( a big male and a female); both barreled in without hesitation and nearly jumped on the decoy! On route to our second set-up, we found two fresh deer kills ... not a good sign, but it appears the predators are thriving with the rough conditions this winter. We definitely need to get out there kill more. Early afternoon, we found four more coyotes and took one at 300 yards. Had to cut the day short to pick up kids from school, but brought home three dogs. With our minds on capturing video, we forgot to take still pics (apologies) - so nothing to post right now. Can't wait to get out again!

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