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Kevin Tags a Nice Goat

With 10 years of priority points, Kevin finally drew an Alberta pronghorn antelope rifle tag. We spent some time prior to the hunt scouting and looking for trophy-class bucks. We did manage to find one really impressive goat that would have measured well over 16 inches, but he vanished as soon as opening day arrived. After several stalks and checking out well over 200 antelope, we came across this guy. Two hours of belly-crawling through the prairie grass and finally ending up on an irrigation pivot, this fine buck gave Kev a 314 yard broadside shot about a half hour before dark! Thanks to our Swarovski EL Range we were able to accurately determine the distance allowing ideal shot placement with the 7mm Rem Mag.


Kev with his 2014 pronghorn antelope.

We were graced with breathtaking scenery as we looked across the prairie toward the Sweetgrass Hills.

With the vast open expanses, we spent a lot of time behind the glass. Our Swarovski spotting scope and 12x50 EL binocular were invaluable. Crystal clarity made glassing easy and enjoyable. Can't imagine hunting without Swaros!


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