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Mentor Hunt a Ton of Fun


Well, it's been a busy fall ... so busy in fact, we forgot to post this. Albeit late, Heather and I figured it's still worth entering as a blog post. Back in mid-October we had the privilege of hosting a mentor hunt organized through Ducks Unlimited and the Hunting for Tomorrow Foundation. We were able to take Collin Zandbeek out on his first-ever field shoot for ducks and geese. The focus of the hunt was on sharing the values, processes, technical, and safety aspects associated with the wingshooting experience; everything from locating/spotting the shoot, seeking landowner permission, placing decoys, the where/when/why we hunt waterfowl, some shooting instruction, with special emphasis on safety and conservation were all covered during the hunt. Heather and I have to tip our hats to Collin. He is a stand up young man who certainly impressed us both with his shooting skill and safe hunting. We are pleased to report Collin was able to take his first-ever ducks and geese. We look forward to possibly hunting with Collin again next year!




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