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Moose Monkey FINALLY Off Heather's Back!

For several years now we have been working at getting Heather a bull with a bow. Problem is, we usually have waterfowl clients in when the moose are rutting. We sometimes catch the tail end but the hunting is tougher at that time.

We can't count the number of bulls she has had within archery range, but something always seems to block the shot opportunity. After hearing of Heather's woes, good friend Craig "Moose Whisperer" Temple said its time to put a stop to the madness and offered to take Heather to one of his favourite places in the world. As usual Kevin was tied up with guests, so Heather and Craig hit the woods without him. Suffice it to say, they made it look easy. With little over an hour on stand, they cow called this bull in to 30 yards and, with one well-placed arrow, Heather brushed that moose monkey right off her back! 

Heather and Craig with her 2014 archery bull.

That look you get when the monkey is officially off your back!

Nothing like BLAZER blood!





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