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Thank You for the Feedback

Last Saturday we did a seminar at Accurate Archery's annual horn scoring and shooting event out at Alberta Beach.  Always nice to get feedback from people we meet at these events. Here's what one fellow by the name of Kevin Carlson (Outdoor Officials) had to say ...


" ... I sat down to a seminar ... by, Kevin and Heather Wilson. It too, was a truly exceptional and instructional seminar, on Communicating with Whitetails. They really went into depth about scrape lines, treestand placement, phases and stages of the rut, along with techniques to use when calling/rattling deer and the meat and potatoes of how deer communicate. I was humbled and being a novice bow hunter, really happy with what they had to share ... If you ever have an opportunity to speak with Kevin or Heather Wilson, or listen in to one of their seminars, I'm sure you won't be disappointed, as they have a vast wealth of experience to offer. "



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